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Window Types

Vinyl Windows:

Vinyl is an affordable option and is extremely weather resistant. It provides great insulation and you have the options of using it on either the inside or outside of your windows, or both.

Dual Pane Windows:

Dual pane windows have incredible insulation and work to reduce noise significantly. We use two sheets of class that are sealed with a tight air pocked in the center, creating an additional layer of insulation and protection.

Energy Efficient Windows:

Replacing old windows with one of our our energy efficient window options will drastically reduce your energy costs. We love helping our customers go green!

Double Hung Windows:

Most commonly used in homes with wood frames, this type of window offers great versatility. You are able to slide both the top unit and bottom unit of the window independently, opening it from the top or bottom as you please.

Wood Windows:

Wood has obviously been around the longest out of any material we use. Although it does present a few more challenges than other options, it looks great and is a superb insulator.

Aluminum Windows:

When building larger structures and buildings, aluminum is a very common window frame material to use. Although it's not great at insulating, it is cost effective and require very minimal maintenance.

Bay Windows:

Bay windows project out from a structure and are a great option for many stylistic purposes. We are able to customize bay windows to meet any of your dimensional or stylistic needs.

Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows open horizontally and are the perfect option for larger windows. They allow you to open the window with easy but still have the aesthetic of one single sheet of glass.

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